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Government/Local Council Job Role: Assistant – Citizen Services

The Brimbank Municipality is the second-largest city council in metropolitan Melbourne. Being focused on improving governance, enhancing facilities and infrastructure, and strengthening its community, Brimbank is leveraging technology innovations to improve community service and employee experience.

Business challenge: 

Animal registration is a critical citizen-centric service offered by the councils. Managing and processing the frequent volumetric animal registration requests has been tedious due to multiple data entries across many discrete and bespoke systems. Longer processing time for pet registration was bad for customer experience. At times erroneous data entries across the process were not only posing challenges around establishing the single source of truth for citizen data, but also causing revenue pilferage due to incorrect billing information.

What changed:

I was onboarded to perform the task of registering pets. It took three weeks to be onboarded during which period I was trained to use the council record management systems (HPE TRIM or Content Manager), the CRM (Authority) and another bespoke application. I also got a complete understanding of the process steps and exception rules. Since then, I have been able to capture correct customer data, do simultaneous data entries onto multiple systems, generate current billing information and finally create a tag request, all in a day’s work! I did have some challenges during the onboarding process. The council citizen applications had anomalies with duplicate data, and I couldn’t progress. I had to work continuously with my human counterparts to make corrections. Once the corrections were made, I took over again and went ahead processing the pet registration applications. I am now able to deliver the benefits of a fully autonomous AI system managing the pet registration process.

My key activities:

  • Monitor incoming Pet Registration applications in the record management system.
  • Extract the supporting artefacts like desex certificate and pension cards and save them in a local file management system
  • Validate application data about the applicant, their pet, and the payment details to ensure they are correct. Further validate the supporting artefacts for compliance
  • On successful validation of the application details, create a new entry or update an existing entry in the CRM
  • On successful entry creation, generate a pet tag request in a separate bespoke system
  • Daily reporting to the manager

System Experience: O365, HPE TRIM/ Content Manager, Authority, Adobe, Bespoke MS Access based system, SQL DB, File management system

See Pet Robo in action

See Pet Robo in action