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Specia brings you the workforce of the future through virtual recruitment.


Our mission is to deliver digital workforce solutions that optimise processes, streamline operations, minimise downtime, increase productivity and maximise profit for businesses.

We believe that mundane, repetitive and time-consuming tasks can be relieved through intelligent automation processing and human-digital collaboration.

Digital workers are not designed to replace your human team members with robots, but contribute to the organisation so that everyone benefits from a more efficient working environment.

By removing the need to constantly source and onboard scarce human resources for data-driven tasks, we’ve empowered a range of businesses in scaling their operations beyond their perceived limitations.

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We understand that business owners have tasks that they would prefer not to have to assign to a human worker and that operations need to keep moving, even when members of the team are unwell.

That’s why we’ve designed digital team members that can keep everything on track 24/7.

Specia digital workers have already been successfully deployed across a range of industries including government, healthcare, FMCG/retail, manufacturing, finance and more.

As partners with leaders like Automation Anywhere, SAP intelligent RPA, UiPath and Tricentis, we have deep Intelligent Automation expertise and leverage best practices in automation.

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Our History


Incorporation of Spectar Group

A few good people came together to live a common dream in the heart of Melbourne.

January 2017

A new beginning

Test automation world leader Tricentis signs up Technology partnership with Spectar.

January 2017

The Jumpstart

Spectar builds world’s 1st pack of SAP S4HANA Test Accelerators.

December 2017

The 1st client, always Special

CSIRO signs up Spectar for the 1st time.

March 2018

Beginning of a new Era

Spectar publishes 50+ SAP prebuilt bots on Automation Anywhere’s Bot Store for the 1st time ever.

September 2018

A new dimension

Spectar establishes its Global Delivery Centre in India.

December 2018

The journey to infinity and beyond begins

Specia, Spectar Intelligent Automation takes the CenterStage.

January 2019

Widening horizon

SAP bestows its faith on Spectar, and a formidable partnership takes place.

March 2019

Merit acknowledged

Tricentis acquires the entire SAP Test Accelerator pack and makes it a core of its portfolio stack.

April 2019

The Eureka moment

Automation Anywhere recognises Spectar as the “Partner of the Year” for exemplary exhibition of Implementation, Project delivery and Program management abilities.

August 2019

History in the making

Recognised as “Partner of the Year” by the world leader, Automation Anywhere for the ANZ region.

October 2019

Rise of the Phoenix

The 1st ever Digital Worker “Bob” from “The House of Specia” gets hired by Foehl Gmbh, Germany.

November 2019

Jewel in the Crown

Global recognition by Gartner as a preferred partner for offering hyper automation implementation and managed services.

December 2020

Specia gains the escape velocity

>5X adoption growth of Specia across Government, Finance, Manufacturing & Automotive industries.

August 2021

Time to go Orbital

“Specia-Autonomous AI systems” gets formally launched.

January 2022