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A new generation of Digital Workforce ready to be hired.


Case Studies

Want results? Read our case studies to discover the achievements of our existing Specia digital workers out in force. We have already deployed many successful team members across multiple industries.
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Our digital workers are highly skilled in automation processes across a range of industries. When it comes to inputting, extracting and processing data, the opportunities are almost limitless.
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About us

Specia is a virtual recruitment agency offering digital workforce solutions that optimise processes, streamline operations, minimise downtime, increase productivity and maximise profit for businesses.
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Your Digital Worker

We’ve reached the age of the digital worker. Your new virtual recruit will soon become an integral and indispensable part of your team.

Armed with advanced intelligence and limitless automation-processing capabilities, your latest hire is capable of taking on large-volume and repetitive tasks based on your business and validation rules. They will allow you to relieve existing staff members and departments of time-consuming, data-heavy manual tasks.

Specia digital workers can be deployed across a range of industries and have already proven to be highly valuable additions to major organisations. They can interact with human colleagues and customers, perform assigned tasks, read emails, process attachments, extract data, supplement business rules, input data, supply analytics, report metrics and more.

They never take days off, forget tasks or make mistakes. That’s just the beginning.

Hire a digital employee

Why Hire a Digital Worker?

Labour cost

How to Hire Your New Recruit

1. Choose your digital worker

View our existing workers to see which types of skills you want to utilise and what may be of most benefit to your business. Please refer to skills to see the functions most suited to Digital Workers.

2. Put them to work

Once you’re ready to onboard your new digital worker, we will guide you through the process of creating, programming and deploying your new team member. Specia will customise and configure their digital skill set with your specified process automation parameters.

3. Enjoy rapid results

You’ll be set up with a front-end user interface for monitoring and reporting. Once they’re on board, you’ll see a measurable improvement in productivity almost immediately. These impressive results will further enhance your efficiency and boost profitability over time.

Looking to find out more?

View our existing workers to see which types of skills you want
to utilise and what may be of most benefit to your business.

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