Meet Marvin

Financial Services Job Role: Assistant – Client Checklist and Trial Balance

Established in 1948, Adrians now ranks as one of Australia’s leading boutique Accounting and Wealth Management firms based in Brisbane. Over their long history, they have specialised in providing bespoke advice to generations of business owners and professionals.

Business challenge: 

Adrians Group seeks out to develop and evaluate smart technology in the pursuit of clarity, automation efficiencies, remove the tediousness of numbers, and enable business owners to make better-informed decisions. Tax lodgement is a crucial activity for any Australian Enterprise and a tedious activity for the in-house CAs when it comes to ensuring that the tax lodgements for the clients are accurate. To get the lodgement right, the first step is to create a client document checklist, and then collect all the relevant documents in the checklist. This activity is important to ensure there are no errors in return preparation as the final return data is reconciled against verifiable documentation. This is a time-consuming, mundane and repetitive activity for qualified Chartered Accountants, but I’m more than happy to do it!

What changed:

I was onboarded after I exhibited my ability to read financial documents, renaming and saving them categorically in a local file folder. I could not only create the client-facing document checklist but also could read through the incoming client documents (>30+) variances to make sure all the necessary documents were received before emailing my manager to start preparing the return. I categorise, rename, and save the documents in the local file folders after classifying them for future audit trail purposes. Now, my qualified accountant managers don’t get stressed or depleted from the boring administration activities of requesting, categorising and storing large numbers of financial documents.

My key activities:

  • Prepare a client-facing Checklist Document
  • Read the incoming client documents, categorise, classify, rename and save them by the client SharePoint folder structure locally
  • Inform the Client Servicing Team about any missing documents or any other anomalies on the client checklist
  • Create a trial balance by referencing the correct document against each line item
  • Report back to the Client Servicing Team lead on my daily activities

System Experience: O365, SharePoint, Adobe, SQL DB, File management system

See Marvin in action

See Marvin in action