Meet Bob

Manufacturing Job Role: Manage & process sales orders

Adolf Föhl GmbH + Co. KG is in Rudersberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. A market leader in the primary metals manufacturing industry. The company provides zinc casted and plastic injection moulded parts for the automotive, industrial and mounting parts sectors. Adolf Föhl markets its products worldwide with the majority being USA & Mexico. It has factories in Germany and China with a production capacity of 1 billion parts a year.

Business challenge: 

Traditionally Föhl was receiving order requests in various forms of text emails from external portals. They had to continuously manage changes to schedules coming in from their manufacturing clients. They were sceptical about initiating an automation project due to the high investment, strained resources and lack of IT resources.

What changed:

Föhl decided to try my services as it did not involve a large capital investment to get started. I got myself trained across the existing IT system landscape and started managing their sales orders and delivery schedules. In addition, I was further trained to perform additional tasks for creating product master data having 50+ fields against each SKU. It’s been more than two years I have been employed by this major German manufacturer. I am excited that my span of operation is expanding and I am getting further trained to manage sales orders from other global factories. I am happy to say, with my ongoing experience, I am able to deliver close to 100% STP for the transactions I have been managing.

My key activities:

  • Monitor sales order requests from major key customers
  • Create product master data with 50+ fields against each SKU
  • Make dynamic changes in the sales order and report back to factory
  • Identify exceptions and report back internally or to the customer
  • Daily activity reporting to manager

System Experience: O365, Comarch, Adobe, 3rd Party Portal, SQL DB.

See Bob in action

See Bob in action